5 Surprisingly Delicious Flavour Combinations You’ll Wish You Tried Earlier

We’ve all heard some controversial flavour pairings in our time – pineapple on pizza, apple and cheese, vegemite and… well, anything that isn’t buttered toast.

But there’s a whole world of flavour just waiting to be discovered by pairing unlikely foods together. We’ve rounded up five of our flavourites to try… if you dare.

Avocado and Chocolate

Not so much a flavour combo as a way to feel better about eating lots of chocolate, avocado makes a great substitute for butter in some baking recipes.

It’s hard to taste the difference, meaning you can indulge on the regular without the guilt that comes with it.

Feel good about lowering your saturated fat intake, and enjoy the satisfaction after watching your friend bite into your creation and then telling them about your secret ingredient.

Coca-Cola and Coffee

Our beloved Coke is a long-time flavour innovator. Vanilla Coke? Classic. Orange Coke? Didn’t know we needed it until we tried it.

Coca-Cola is back again with a new head-scratching combination – their Adult Batch blends marry the famous Coke formula with the sweetness of flavours like caramel, chocolate and… coffee?

Sounds crazy, but we’ve learned not to question Coca-Cola’s judgement!

The blends of Coffee & Chocolate and Caramel & Coffee are now available at your local Groove Train for a limited time.  

Banana and Bacon

If you’ve been around the brunch scene for a while, you’ll be well-versed in this mouth-watering combination.

Sweet, soft bananas meet their match in the saltiness of crisp bacon, which ticks all of our boxes! Go Elvis style and add peanut butter to take this pairing to the next level.

Presley’s long-time chef is often credited as the visionary behind his favourite sandwich, and we definitely owe her one for bringing this into our lives.

Apricot and Basil

Basil’s claim to fame is being the hero of the margherita pizza; the green leaves sprinkled on top that somehow make it fancier and more delicious all at once.

But it’s making a name for itself as a surprisingly delicious accompaniment to fruits. Dip your toe in this flavour pool – the sweet explosion of apricot is tempered by the aromatic savoury flavour of herb.

Try it in an ice-cream or cocktail and you’ll see what we mean.  

Dark Chocolate and Parmesan

Alright, we’ve strayed into some strange territory here. But hopefully you’ll be on board for one last crazy flavour suggestion. And now, we have science on our side!

That’s right, dark chocolate and parmesan have been scientifically proven to be a good pairing, due to their matching compounds.

Dark chocolate’s bitterness is lifted by the nuttiness of parmesan – try drizzling some melted dark chocolate over your cheese toastie to start with and see how you like it!


Feeling adventurous? Try a refreshingly different Batch Blend from Coca-Cola – now available from your favourite Groove Train for a limited time.

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