Foods to improve your kids performance at school

Did you know the brain is the most hungry organ in the human body? That’s right. It weighs only about 2% of our body weight but devours 20% of our calorie intake! Good, nutrient-rich food is not just delicious, it improves concentration, boosts memory and aids kids’ brains as they grow. So let’s start feeding your kids some brain food and help them do the best they can at school.

Sustained Energy Foods

Sugary cereals cause blood sugar to spike and crash, ultimately starving the brain of its precious energy and damaging cells. The same can be said for overly-refined white bread, which provides quick glucose to the brain but little sustained energy. Instead, choose whole food alternatives like oatmeal for breakfast or wholemeal bread for lunch are low in GI, help energy levels to stay stable, feed the brain for longer, and protect cells from damage.

Creatures from the deep

Fish is just one of many delicious kid-friendly foods that is high in omega-3, an essential fatty acid. Omega 3 helps with all brain functions, from memory to concentration, even mood, and also aids cardiovascular health and circulation. Other foods rich in omega 3 include nuts and eggs. Feed your kids several servings of fish per week– they won’t complain… and neither will their teachers about their grades.

Healthy Fats

The human brain cannot function without the help of healthy fats. In fact, our brains are 60% fat, so they’re in constant need of fatty stores to replenish and operate. Low intake of healthy fats leads to brain troubles such as depression, dementia and learning difficulties. Getting some good fats into your little ones may seem challenging, especially when avocado is one of kids’ most hated foods, but nuts, seeds and eggs will do just fine.

A burst of berries

What kid doesn’t love berries? Children love to play with and handle their foods as they become accustomed to new flavours, and they also love to eat foods that look attractive. Berries look adorable, are packed with brain-nourishing antioxidants like vitamins A,C & E, and provide a gentle sugar boost too.

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