Hearty and Economical Foods To Warm You Up in Winter

Whether you’re cooking up a storm or grabbing some take-away, winter is the time for comfort foods. There’s nothing quite like a hot, hearty dish to warm you up on a cold winter’s night, but it has to be kind on the wallet too. The following dishes are our favourite winter warmers.


Something about fried foods just really hit the spot during the colder months, especially when filled with cheese. This starter dish involves deep fried balls of rice, peas, buffalo mozzarella and Italian herbs. Get your arancini served with traditional arrabiata, a spicy Italian sauce made with tomato, garlic and red peppers.


Nothing says comfort food better than pasta, and we think gnocchi is the most comforting of all. These soft creamy dumplings of wheat and potato provide the perfect refuel after a gruelling winter’s day. Serve with winter veg like spinach and roasted pumpkin, and dress with sage and parmesan cheese.

Polenta and Roast Veggies

Polenta is one of those exotic foods that, in our opinion, doesn’t get dished up enough down here in Oz. It’s essentially a warm yellow cornmeal, served either as a porridge or a more solid kind of loaf. We love our polenta loafed, grilled, and oven roasted with comforting winter veg, served with ricotta, pesto and Napoli sauce.

Moroccan lamb ragout

If you haven’t tried ragout, it is our humble opinion that you’re missing out. While “rag-out” sound like some sort of beatnik soirée, “rag-oo” is a hearty European stew of meat and vegetables. Perfect for those cold mid-year evenings, we like our ragout Moroccan style, with spicy lamb, saffron rice, toasted flaked almonds and spiced yogurt.

Fisherman’s Basket

Fish ’n chips are great in summer, but even better when you’re not fending off seagulls at the beach! Fancy up this poor-man’s got-to dish with beer-battered fish fillets, marinated tiger prawns, and grilled scallops and calamari. Salad and tartare sauce make the perfect sides for this hot and toasty winter warmer classic.

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