Your Guide to Movies Coming Out in July

Get ready for the dinner and a movie date to become your go-to in July – it’s a big month at the movies, and it’s the perfect way to beat the winter blues and stay warm.

Here are some of the flicks to keep an eye out for this month!


July 4th


If you have a Twilight or Fifty Shades-shaped whole in your heart, After is the movie you’ve been waiting for!

Based on the hit novel series (which, in turn, was based on One Direction fan fiction), After tells the story of college student Tessa who begins to question herself after meeting the mysterious rebel Hardin.

Mystify: Michael Hutchence

Fans of docos will love this new look at INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, drawing on Michael’s own home movies as well as stories from family and friends to paint a picture of the complex singer.


July 11th


Get ready for a movie that’s a little bit naughty, and a lot of fun! Hailed as a female Superbad, Booksmart follows teen besties Molly and Amy who decide to fit four years of fun into one night after realising they have focussed too hard on school.


A horror movie with teeth! Set in Florida in the midst of a hurricane, a father and daughter get trapped in the crawlspace of their flooding home – only to realise they’re not alone..


July 17th

The Lion King

The hype for this is real! Coming out a full day before the other new releases of the week, we’ll have a head start on jumping back into Simba’s pridelands. Featuring the voices of stars like Childish Gambino, Seth Rogen and Beyonce, we think this one will be another Disney classic!


July 25th

The Boy 2

If you missed the first low-budget instalment of this horror series, do yourself a favour (with the lights on!) and catch it on Netflix before checking out the sequel!

Brahms the doll is back in The Boy 2 as a new family moves into the Heelshire mansion, discovering an eerily lifelike doll…


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