11 Delicious Facts You Didn’t Know About Cake


From the meaning of popular phrases to the origin of the cupcake, we take a look at some fascinating cake facts from modern times and history. See if you can get through them all without drooling.

1 - Modern cake

While cake has been made in one form or another for centuries, the modern cake dates back to 17th century Europe. The first cake as we know it was made with refined sugar and icing, with the help of industrial technologies such as reliable ovens and food moulds.

2 - Cakeaholic

Think you can eat a lot of cake? You may have just met your match. In 2012, cake-lover Patrick Bertolettie set a world record for cake consumption. He ate a whopping 72 cupcakes in just six minutes.

3 - Birthday Candles

The birthday candle tradition may originate in ancient Greece, where people would take an ancient form of cake adorned with candles to the temple of Artemis. The candles symbolised the moon, which was often associated with Artemis.

4 - Have Your Cake

Ever heard the saying ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’? The phrase dates back to the 1500s but in reverse order. People would say, ‘you can’t eat your cake and have it’ up until 1935, when the reversed order became more popular.

5 - Healthy cake

In an effort to curb rising obesity and encourage healthy eating, more than one third of American schools have banned bake sales as fundraisers.

6 - Sweet dreams

The idea of sweet dreams originates from England in the 17th century, when people would keep fruitcake under their pillow to give them dreams about their future loves.

7 - Revolutionary cake

You’d never have guessed it but the birth of the cupcake was considered revolutionary. The cupcake as we know it evolved in the United States, and became popular because it saved time in the kitchen.

8 - Google cakes

According to Google, the fastest growing recipe search is for cupcakes, a testament to the continuing popularity of this irresistible treat.

9 - Museum

The oldest specimen of a cake is 113 years old and resides in the Willis Museum in Hampshire, England. The cake is perfectly intact except for a small crack caused by a WWII bomb blast.

10 - Royal Icing

Queen Victoria can be credited for one of the most famous cake trends. She was one of the first people to have pure white icing on her wedding cake, and this is the reason it’s called ‘royal icing’ to this day.

11 - Bicarb

A huge breakthrough in cake-making occured with the introduction of baking soda in place of yeast. This was a better raising agent that gives modern cakes the look and texture we know so well today. Want to have your cake and eat it? We don’t blame you. Check out our coffee and cake deal at your local Groove Train store.