3 Tips To Tackle Spring Cleaning & Its Benefits


Ah Spring, we’ve missed you! As the weather gets a little warmer and we see blossoms returning to the trees, many of us are filled with a renewed sense of motivation.

We become consumed with making positive changes: getting fit, eating better, taking on new projects and... Spring cleaning!

Freshening up your surroundings will kick-start your newfound motivation, with studies showing that a clean and neat environment encourages productivity. So, by prioritising organisation and cleaning, your other projects will quickly fall into place!

Here’s our top tips to embrace Spring by decluttering your home and cleaning in the most effective yet easy way possible:

Make a start, any start!

Even making a small goal to clean a single corner will help muster motivation to tackle the rest of the clean.

Begin with one corner, one shelf and eventually, one room. Make a goal of filling just one garbage bag full of things to chuck or donate, you’d be surprised how many bags you can continue to fill!

Fill a ‘maybe box’

Fill a box/bag of ‘maybe items’. ‘Maybe items’ are things that you could probably do without, but you’re not quite ready to toss them. Keep your maybe box in an out of the way place for a month or two.

Re-visit the box on another cleaning day and assess if you actually missed any of these ‘maybe’ items. If not, give them the flick! This is a great way to eliminate clutter and objects that are rarely used and taking up space. This is a great idea for clearing out masses of kitchen utensils and gadgets we’re always hoping become useful!

Stash away your Winter items

This is the most exciting part if you’re a summer person. Banishing winter blankets, coats, jackets, scarves, or winter decor will have you ready to embrace warmer months with open arms. Vacuum pack blankets and other larger items to save even more space and pack away in the cupboard for next year.

Need a final boost to get stuck into it? Here’s some key ways that getting into that Spring clean will improve your life!

-   When clearing out your home, you’ll be left with a lot of items suitable to donate to charity, meaning you’re doing a good deed all while refreshing your home!

-   Free up more space in your home so you can avoid frustration at not being able to find things, more space for traffic flow and more space to breathe! You’d be surprised at how much extra space you never knew you had!

-   A clean home is better for you and your family’s health. We spend too much time indoors as it is and stuffy, cluttered surroundings have an impact on our breathing and general health.

-   Along with a sense of achievement from tackling your clean, a neat and organised environment reflects on your own mindfulness as well.

After all that work, you deserve a reward! Treat yourself to a delicious meal at The Groove Train and be sure to check out the Spring specials at your local restaurant.