4 Activities To Get the Kids Off Their Devices This Summer


Summer is fast coming to a end, and so is your chance to give your kids a good dose of vitamin D. We’ve pulled together some of the best activities that get your kids outdoors, active and away from their devices. Make the most out of February with the following fun activities for kids…

1 - Stargazing

Do you remember looking up at the night sky as a kid and marveling at the beauty of the stars? This timeless form of entertainment is interesting enough to compete even with the newest ipads. Take your kids camping somewhere away from light pollution, put out the campfire and enjoy. If you still can’t get them to let up their devices, download a free application that tells you which constellations, planets and galaxies are out.

2 - Mini golf

An all but forgotten activity for the kids. They may be reluctant to get off their computers for this, but mini golf beats computer simulated fun any day. Minigolf comes in a number of varieties, from classic to adventure, crazy or putt-putt golf. With windmills, animals and other cool obstacles, today’s mini golf courses will help your kids forget all about screens for a day.

3 - Beach castles

Have you ever built a sand castle with the kids? We mean, really built a sand castle? A spare bucket and a garden spade are not going to cut it when you’re competing with the latest netflix release. Grab some affordable equipment from your local variety store, print some pictures of grand medieval castles, and go all out. And remember to slip slop slap when you’re spending time in the sun!

4 - Roast marshmallows

You may not have time to take your kids on a camping trip before summer is out, but that doesn’t mean they can’t roast a few marshmallows. To build a campfire, grab an old drum and fill it with firewood, or create a dirt pit with bricks around it. Remember to check fire restrictions in your area for the night. Midsummer marshmallows are sure to beat another night in front of the TV this summer.

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