5 After School Activities Your Kids Aren’t Sick of Yet


You don’t have to tell us how tough it can be to get your kids active. With so many exciting programs to watch on Netflix, who can blame them? Nevertheless, exercising and learning new skills is very important for kids, and it’s our job as parents to make sure they do it! But what to do if your kids have tried everything from swimming to hula hooping, and nothing quite fits? We’ve compiled this list of five exciting extracurricular activities your kids probably haven’t tried yet, and may well end up loving...

1. Exercise in disguise - Trampolining

Did you know that trampolining has incredible benefits for growing kids? It improves flexibility and motor skills and provides a rigorous cardiovascular work-out. The best part? They won’t even know it’s exercise! This one’s great for kids who might be intimidated by competitive sports and solidary exercise.

2. Dancing Queens - Music

Whether it’s dancing classes or learning to play an instrument, performing arts can really help your child at any stage of growth. While playing music or learning to act can boost a child’s self-esteem, always avoid pressuring a shy kid into performing arts.

4. Behind the lense - Photography

Your kids will probably have already tried their hand at art in school, and from our experience, this can go one of two ways. Either your child has taken to drawing like a fish to water, or they got discouraged and believe they’re “not creative”. Photography allows kids to express themselves creatively without the pressure of being “good at” drawing or painting. It’s also another way of sneakily getting kids out and about.

5. Super Cool Geeks - Coding

Back in our day, we never dreamed that kids would be learning computer programming at such a young age! But here we are, sending our kids to coding and computer classes after school. If your child has ever struggled making friends, but loves computer games, a computer class might be just the thing to bring them out of their shell. They’ll finally have the opportunity to befriend like-minded people.

6. By the Billabong - Camping

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air in the great outdoors! Camping has so many benefits for kids, from the therapeutic dose of vitamin D to the social skills-building of tent construction. Take your kids camping just one weekend a month, or send them off on camps during school holidays, and see them come back with a healthy tan and a big smile on their faces.

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