5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About the Formula One Grand Prix


Every Australian has heard of the Grand Prix—the exhilarating motor race which takes place every year in Melbourne. But there’s a lot more to this famous Aussie tradition than just fast cars. If you’re a race car-lover or simply interested in a little history, here’s your quick guide to fun facts about the Australian Grand Prix.

5 It’s older than you 

We’ll bet your chicken parma that you didn’t know the Grand Prix is the longest running motor racing competition in Australia. It started during the interwar period in 1928 when the race first took place on Phillip Island. Back then, it was called the 100 Miles Race and took place on a dirt track. How far we’ve come.

4 It has a Swiss sponsor

What better pick than the Swiss luxury watchmaker, to sponsor the Formula One Grand Prix. Rolex have been sponsors since 2013, but previous sponsors have included Dunlop Tires, Mitsubishi and even Aussie airline Qantas.

3 It wasn’t always Formula One

The Australian Grand Prix only became part of the formula one championship in 1985, before that, it was its own thing. Now, Formula One have a contract to host the Australian Grand Prix until 2023.

2 It wasn’t always in Melbourne

When the Australian Grand Prix and the Formula One came together, they first set up in tracks in Adelaide. The race took place at the Adelaide Street Circuit and was the state of South Australia's major source of tourism. But in 1996, the race moved to Melbourne and became the first race in the worldwide championships.

1 It’s had Australian winners

The Australian Grand Prix has had more Australian winners than any other nationality, and even two Formula One Champions: Sir John Arthur Brabham and Alan Jones.

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