5 Fun Friday Night Activities


We love a good dinner and movie session. It’s the perfect fallback when you’ve got no plans on a Friday night. But every now and then, it’s good to try some new activities.

We know it can be hard to come up with ideas. Especially when you’ve been at school or at work all week. That’s why we’ve done the brainstorming for you. Read on to discover 5 fun activities to do on a Friday night.

1. Backyard camping

Sleepovers are great fun. They’re also easy and affordable. Add a little excitement to your sleepover by camping outside in the backyard. No need to drive out to the bush. And you can always come in if you get too cold.

 If your local council permits it, you could have a bonfire in your pit or barbecue. Or turn off all the lights and do some star gazing. Download a stargazing app and record how many constellations and planets you find. 

2. Free your inner creative

After a long week at work or school, art classes can be the perfect way to unwind. Release your inner creative through drawing or painting. Perhaps you’d find pottery more therapeutic, as it gives you the chance to get your hands dirty. 

On a budget? Your local community centre or library may offer free art classes. Or if you don’t feel like going out, you could stay at home and make a collage. 

3. Get out your dancing shoes

 Dancing is another way to relieve the stresses of the week. It’s not just relaxing, it’s also good exercise. Look up some local music events in your area. Your council may be hosting a festival, or you could try an alcohol-free music venue.

4. Build miniatures

Sick of staring at devices? Sometimes it feels like we never get away from our TVs, computers and smartphones. But what did people used to do for fun before technology? Well, they used to build with lego.

Lego, or similar building toys, are popular with both kids and adults. In this highly addictive activity, your creative possibilities are endless.

5. Chip crawl

Ever wondered who makes the best chips in your area? Go on a chip crawl to find out. Simply hop from restaurant to restaurant and order just chips. Compare thickly cut to thinly sliced, small and crispy to long and floppy. This is a fun activity to excite your Friday night.