5 ways to Beat the Winter Blues


Feeling tired, cranky, maybe even a little sad? Even if you don’t have seasonal affective disorder--a condition which makes people depressed in winter--you could still be suffering from the winter blues. Luckily, we’ve got just the remedies to get you happy and motivated through this last leg of winter.

5 Soak up some vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can leave you feeling low in energy, aggravating those winter blues. This essential nutrient helps the body absorb calcium, as well as regenerate cells and regulate the immune system. In fact, your body needs vitamin D so badly that it knows how to make it itself! But the only way for it to do this is through sufficient exposure to sunshine. When sunshine is limited in winter, turn to alternative sources of vitamin D like foods such as salmon, vitamin D-fortified orange juice, or simply get a supplements.

4 Music

We all know that listening to music can make you feel happier temporarily but did you know that the effects last even longer? Incredibly, listening to cheery music can give you more energy and boost your mood long term. So turn up the stereo or grab some headphones, it’s time to play some tunes.

3 Exercise

Exercise is not exactly the first thing you want to do when you’re feeling gloomy in winter. But despite the fact that finding motivation is challenging, exercise can have profound effects on mood. Simply stepping outside on a cold day has similar effects on mood to stepping outside on a warm day, but moving the body releases endorphins, improves circulation and leads to overall great health.

2 Watch what you eat

Try some mood-enhancing foods over winter, like chocolate, which releases endorphins, or soup, which warms and comforts on cold nights. Foods that are rich in low GI carbohydrates, like rice and pasta, also helps your brain produce serotonin, the chemical that makes you happy. Why not enjoy a thai red curry or a fettucine linguini for dinner and recharge your happiness with some carbs?

1 Lighten up

Low sunlight in winter doesn’t just deprive you of Vitamin D, it also causes the brain to produce melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for sleep and rest. No wonder why so many people feel low in energy in winter! But by increasing your exposure to bright lights, you could help boost your mood. Purchasing a special light box designed to boost mood in winter, or simply sit closer to windows and get outside more.

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