7 Fancy Fish Dishes to Try This Good Friday


Regardless of whether you’re fasting this good Friday, the Easter period is perfect for enjoying fish. From the fish of the day to the old menu classics, here’s our list of recommended fish favourites.

1. Salt and Pepper Calamari

Calamari is one of those foods that’s simple yet easily jazzed up. All you need is a bit of batter, some lemon pepper and a sprinkle of salt to spruce up your salt n pepper calamari. Served with chips or salad, this timeless dish is sure to satisfy over Easter.

2. Spaghetti Pescatore

There’s nothing like a seafood recipe straight from the Mediterranean. Spaghetti pescatore comes with an assortment of oceanic delights such as calamari, fish, mussels, scallops and prawns, served with authentic Italian tomato sauce, garlic and fresh herbs.

3. Prawn and Chorizo Linguini

This unique dish puts a mod Oz spin on an Italian classic. Pasta lovers won’t be disappointed. The winning combination of prawns and chorizo sausage on linguini, with a dash of extra virgin olive oil, makes for fine food over Easter.

4. Thai Calamari salad

This fresh and crunchy meal is perfect for warm weather or lunch time get togethers. Made with crispy fried calamari and a slaw style salad, the addition of coriander and Thai dressing give it an Asian flavour you can’t resist.

5. Thai Red Seafood Curry

Kick your senses into gear with a good Thai curry. Tossed prawns, mussels, scallops, calamari and fish pieces soak up the delicious herbs and spices of a creamy red curry, balanced by fluffy white jasmine rice. This exotic dish is not for the faint of heart on good Friday.

6. Fish ‘n Chips

We know what you’re thinking. “Fish n Chips isn’t fancy.” But in the age of the foodie, this humble working-class dish has taken on a whole new status. Beer battered fish, served with a side of tartare sauce and a twist of lemon, fish n chips is definitely a fancy fish meal to enjoy over Easter.

7. Tasmanian Salmon with Ancient Grain Salad

They say that ancient grains have had little modification over the course of human agricultural history. That’s what makes them so jam-packed full of nutrients. Combine this with another superfood, Salmon, and you’ve got a dish that is fancy, delicious and perfect for Easter.

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