7 Things You Didn't Know About The Commonwealth Games


How much do you know about the Commonwealth Games? Read our article and test your knowledge of this iconic sporting event.

1 It’s big

There’s been plenty of hype about this year’s Commonwealth Games, partly because it will be the biggest one yet. The 2018 games will also be the biggest Australian sporting event of the past decade, with 6,600 sports professionals from 71 Commonwealth nations.

2 It not exclusive to ex-colonies

The Commonwealth Games is an event for countries that are part of the Commonwealth of Nations, which is generally an organisation of nations that have, or once had, constitutional ties to the British Empire. The only exception is Mozambique, which was never a British colony but joined the Commonwealth of Nations for its close connections and trade ties.

3 It’s got odd medals

Boxing and Judo do things a little differently in the Commonwealth Games. These are the only two sports which award not one bronze medal but two. This means that there are four medalists for each game.

4 It’s nearly 100 years old

The Commonwealth Games marks its origins with the Festival of Empire, which took place in London in 1911. This event was a celebration of the coronation of King George V, and featured an inter-Empire championship with competitors from Australasia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.  

5 It’s has its own sport

The only Commonwealth Games sport that is not part of the Olympic Games is Lawn Bowls. This sport is a tribute to the British heritage of the games, a distinctly English sport.

5 It’s got regulars

Only six teams have attended every Commonwealth Games: Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales.

6 The opening ceremony is longer than you think

The opening ceremony of the commonwealth games has turned out to be a tradition of epic proportions. Since the games began, the Queen’s baton relay has done a grand total of 190,000 km. That’s the equivalent of going around the earth over four times.

7 Unexpected, expected champions

When it comes to winners of the Commonwealth Games, Australia leads the way. We’ve won a total of 803 gold medals and over 2,000 medals in total.