7 Vegetarian Meals That’ll Make You Forget All About Meat


You don’t have to be a tree-hugging hippy to enjoy the odd vegetarian meal. The fact that eating vegetarian food is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to cut down your carbon footprint can simply be a happy coincidence at dinner time. The following meat-free dishes are so satisfying, you and your family won’t even realise anything was missing.  

1. Nachos

This ultra satisfying snack is a great way to start your meal, but it is heavy enough to serve as a main dish in it own right. Crunchy corn chips, rich tasty cheese and sour cream are packed with protein to fill you up and keep you smiling all through dessert.

2. Pan-Fried Gnocchi with Spinach & Roasted Pumpkin

Whoever invented hearty and wholesome gnocchi was obviously not fazed by meat at all. The combination of flour and potato that goes into these soft little balls of deliciousness offers the perfect alternative to meat - just like Mama used to make.

3. Pumpkin & Spinach Risotto

Like gnocchi, risotto is another dish that is often served without meat, and is rich, creamy and heavy enough so that this fact often goes unnoticed. Combined with danish feta and sprinkled with shaved parmesan, risotto is sure to leave you sated.

4. Veggie Wok Fried Hokkien Noodles

The sweet and sour flavour-explosion of this dish needs no additions. Push your salt and pepper shakers aside, and leave that pork belly off the menu, you won’t be needing them tonight.

5. Veggie Burger With Chips

Whoever said burgers had to have a big piece of beef in the middle? Patties made from

grilled pumpkin and chickpea will leave you wondering why burgers were made any other way. Chickpeas are high in protein and fibre, so this feed will leave you feeling full for longer.

6. Polenta & Roast Veggie Stack

Polenta. The magical ingredient that Europeans try to keep a secret. This mushy yellow stuff is great when it’s grilled and smothered in roast vegetables, ricotta, and pesto and napoli sauces. Polenta is also gluten free, a plus for anyone wanting to be kind to their belly.

7. Rustic Eggplant Chips

If you thought potato chips are one of the greatest achievements of human civilisation, then you haven’t tried eggplant chips yet. Eggplant has a unique texture among vegetables that is rich and strangely meaty, and it packs enough flavour to convert even the most stubborn meat-lovers.

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