Best Apps to Make Better Use of Your Commute


We’re well and truly back into our daily grind by now - and this includes our travel to and from work each day. The average Australian spends almost 5 hours commuting to and from the workplace, and we’re always on the hunt for ways to make the time pass just that little bit quicker.

Smartphones have become a lifesaver for this very reason - but thanks to features like Apple’s screentime notifications, it’s becoming more and more obvious just how quickly our time spent mindlessly scrolling and double tapping on social media can add up.

Your commute is a block of uninterrupted you-time (something we secretly love), so why not invest a little time in yourself this year and make your transit time well spent? Here are a few apps to make your commute more productive, more relaxing, or just more enjoyable.


Becoming more confident, tapping into your creativity, being a more productive employee, changing the world. These are just a few of the topics covered by a host of inspiring and motivational speakers, all at your fingertips within the TED app.

Changing the world may not be on today’s to-do list, but you can start small with a wide range of topics. The app’s easy, to navigate with category and duration filters to help you find the motivation boost you’re looking for.

You’ll love it if: You want a bit of inspiration to end your workday


While we don’t recommend this one if you’re driving, the Kindle app makes train reading easier than ever. A library in your pocket, the Kindle app lets you download and read ebooks from the Amazon store - it will also sync across your other devices, so you can pick up that chapter where you left off on your iPad at home.

You’ll love it if: You like to have a good book on hand


While work can be an awesome and fulfilling place, it’s not without its stresses. Leave these behind and use your commute to refocus with some guided meditation thanks to the Headspace app.

Take a break from the outside world to check in with yourself - the shortest meditation is just ten minutes, perfect to clear your head on the trip home.

You’ll love it if: You sometimes need to press pause on the world around you


For those who drive to work - Audible is the app for you! Audible gives you the best-seller list in audio form, reading aloud to you - so you’re free to keep your eyes on the road.

There’s a monthly fee involved, but this puts the bookshop in the palm of your hand (or, rather, into your ears) with over 180,000 titles to choose from. Not feeling an audiobook you’ve started? Swap it out, free of charge. There’s podcast content available too, so you’ll never find yourself without something to listen to.

You’ll love it if: You love books but need your hands free

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