DIY Hampers To Make This Easter


With Easter fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start celebrating the festive season with your family and friends!

As Easter gifts can often be the hardest to decide, why not bring out your inner artistic self and get inspired with some festive hampers for your closest family, friends or work colleagues. Make it fun, get personal and be creative!   

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to help you craft your very own Easter hamper pack for those special (and lucky!) people in your life.

1. Establish a theme

Before delving straight into the creative task of making a hamper, it’s important to decide on a theme from the very beginning. To create that 'gram-worthy hamper, you want to be able to maintain an aesthetic look and keep your hamper consistent in style.

Imagining a particular colour scheme and style in your head before getting started will give you an overview of what you want to achieve. Think about who you are giving the hamper to. You want the hamper to be personalised.

Would they prefer a rustic or retro hamper look? Or would they prefer things to be sophisticated and neat? Are you giving this to a child? Do you need to use vibrant colours and patterns?

2. Choose the contents

Personalisation is key. Think about what they’d enjoy most and what they’d get the most use out of. There’s no point filling your Easter hamper with an assortment of chocolates if you’re giving it to someone that is super health conscious, right?

The contents of your hamper can range, depending on who you are gifting it to. Of course, you want to add some items in there that represent Easter, such as chocolate eggs, hot cross buns or something with rabbits on it. But you don’t need to go overboard- all items don’t have to be Easter themed!

To help you out, here is a list of the most common items to incorporate into your hamper:

  • Chocolates (at least one chocolate is a must for an Easter hamper!)
  • Teas
  • Candles or incense
  • Soaps, hand creams and other beauty or relaxation products
  • Mixed nuts
  • Biscuits or shortbread
  • Jams & chutneys
  • Homemade treats (a big YES in terms of gaining appreciation)
  • Pastas
  • Oils
  • Wines (for adults)
  • Stuffed toys (for the kids)
  • Cooking utensils (Easter themed cookie cutters, maybe?)

And the list could go on!

3. Get a container

Now once you have decided on the theme you’re going for and the products you’d like to include in your Easter hamper, you can start searching for an appropriate container to assemble them in- making sure to take size and overall style into consideration.

Some typical containers that you could use are:

  • Wooden picnic baskets (for that rustic look!)
  • Plastic baskets
  • Patterned cardboard boxes
  • Breakfast trays
  • Large glass jars
  • Plant pots

The possibilities are endless. Try to think outside the box, rather than going for a plain cardboard box! No one is stopping you from using a frying pan as your hamper container, so get creative!

4. Arrange & fill in the spaces

Take some time to play around with the different products you have so that you can get the perfect hamper arrangement. Find a spot for the largest or tallest items first, and then work around these products by filling in any gaps with smaller items or filler materials (e.g. scrunched tissue paper, straw, shredded paper or newspaper).

5. That’s a wrap!

Finally, to complete your beautiful creation, wrap your Easter hamper with transparent cellophane and add some finishing touches with a ribbon to match your hamper design. Don’t forget to add a card, and then you’re all done!

Your homemade Easter hamper is ready to gift. Now the only thing you need to organise is a booking for Easter lunch at The Groove Train!