How to Live More Sustainably


As our global population races towards 10 billion, it’s becoming more and more important that each of us play our part to look after the environment. We’ve seen some great acts of environmentalism this year, like the major supermarkets ditching single-use plastic bags. But the real impact comes from the little, everyday actions we can incorporate into our daily routines.

BYO Water Bottle

We all know we should be drinking more water - there’s an app for that! But buying plastic water bottles while out on the run is one of the biggest contributors to waste, ending up in our waterways and oceans. Having your own drink bottle on hand not only eliminates this issue, but is also a great way for you to express your personality with a fun design. Not to mention, you’ll end up saving money when you don’t have to buy bottled water all the time.

Grow Your Own Herbs

Herbs are a great way to invite some greenery into your kitchen or backyard. They’re typically hardy plants that do well in most climates. As long as you can give them a bit of sunlight and can remind yourself to water them every other day, your herbs will give you garnish goodness throughout the year! Growing herbs at home cuts down on plastic and food waste, and is a great way to give yourself a sense of achievement when you keep them alive!

Give Meat-Free Monday a Go

Research shows that our society moving towards a ‘flexitarian’ style of eating would have a huge environmental impact. This means still having meat as part of your diet, but bumping up your consumption of things like legumes, nuts and vegetables. Eliminating meat and dairy just one day a week as a family has the same impact as taking your car off the road for five weeks, or cutting everyone’s daily showers by three minutes. The Groove Train has a new vegan menu that tastes so good, you’ll want to eat meat-free every Monday (and maybe more!)  

Go Paperless

Ever tried to find something in your bag and founds endless bits of paper you didn’t actually end up needing? Skip printing and go digital where possible to reduce your paper usage. Many companies now offer to email your receipts instead of printing in store, and tickets for the cinema and other events can usually be scanned straight off your phone.

These suggestions may not seem like much on their own, but together our community has the power to make a big difference to the environment. What are your tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle?

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