How to stay fit when you’re cold and miserable in winter


Struggling to get to those early morning gym classes? You’re not the only one. Winter brings limited sunshine, and with it, drops in serotonin and spikes in melatonin, making us sad and drowsy. It’s no surprise then that work out motivation is challenging in winter! But thankfully we’ve got some pro-tips up our sleeve to help get you active in winter.

Ease up and at ’em

Getting out of bed early for a work out out can certainly lack appeal, especially when your bed is toasty and the air right above you is freezing. Try setting the heating to start an hour before you wake up, so that the house is nice and warm before you get out of bed. This helps you start your day.

Get out

Bracing the cold first thing after waking may be counterproductive, but a cold blast here and there can actually do you a lot of good. According to studies at the University of Michigan, getting outside, even in the coldest of climates, boosts cognitive function in the same way as getting out on a warm summer’s day.

Fuel up

With your serotonin levels naturally lower in winter due to the lack of light and vitamin D, mood and motivation levels can plummet. Fortunately, there are other ways to boost your serotonin and help you feel energised and enthusiastic about exercise. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology have shown that foods that are rich in carbohydrates promote healthy serotonin levels, minimising symptoms like depression and fatigue. Winter is not the time to feel guilty about those comfort foods, but steer clear of too much refined sugar.

Avoid the “dreamill”

It’s a bit hard to associate workouts with a good time when your exercise routine is boring. Liven things up while you’re on the treadmill by watching your favourite reruns, or take a pair of headphones and some good music with you on your run. Your mood will thank you for it.

Work out your workout

It’s time to reflect on your workout goals, and while you’re at it, reflect on the workout styles that work for you and your body. Do you feel more motivated with a gym buddy or while listening to energising music? Perhaps you don't feel the cold much but feel miserable on a certain diet. Figure out what it is you need to motivate yourself and go with that. You’ll beat the winter exercise blues in no time.

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