How To Survive The Holidays With Kids


Even though we swear it was just January a few weeks ago, another year has come and gone! Good work for getting through 11 months of 2018. But the Christmas season is notorious for bringing out the worst in our little monsters - and with enough stress at this time of year as it is, wrangling the kids in December can be a real lifesaver!

Before you start drawing your battle lines, read through our top tips for getting yourself through Christmas and keeping the kids happy at the same time!

Put Up the Tree Together

Some of the fondest family moments are spent around the Christmas tree, and letting your kids help you decorate can give them a sense of ownership of your festive decor. Pick out a colour scheme together and find decorations to match your family palette, or let them loose at your stash of baubles.

While you may find yourself biting your tongue as they put up a purple disco ball on your beautiful white-and-gold-trimmed tree, the kids’ joy at being trusted with such a responsibility will be a match for any presents under the tree this year.

Get Your Bake On

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of gingerbread and candy canes wafting throughout the house. Kitchen-ready kids will make great assistants as you bake your way through Christmas favourites, from Santa’s cookies to gingerbread houses (for the brave).

Baking together is a great way to get the kids to concentrate for a while (i.e. stop fighting and running around while you’re trying to get things done), and for you to bond as a family. And as a bonus they’ll stay quiet as they tuck into the spoils of their hard work. Just beware the sugar rush afterwards..

Let The Kids Play Santa

Dragging the kids around the shops may seem like the last thing you want to do, but letting them help you shop for others in the family can be a thoughtful (and productive) way to spend time together this December.

If you have multiple little ones, let them pick out a present for one of their siblings. With all of them home from school at the same time, tensions can run high at this time of year; so getting them involved in present shopping for one-another can help them remember what they love about each other, and hopefully keep the peace (at least until December 26!)

Single kids can pick out a present for your co-parent, or for a grandparent or favourite cousin. One less present you need to come up with, and they will be so happy to gift something on Christmas Day that they’ve picked out for the recipient themselves.

Have the kids had enough of shopping? Or do you need a coffee and cake break to make it through the rest of your list? The Groove Train has multiple restaurants located within shopping centres, so take a break and let us keep the kids entertained these Christmas holidays.