Tips to Make the Back-to-School Transition Easier


It had to come to an end sometime - kids across Australia are heading back to school this week, readjusting to their routine after the past few weeks off.

While no-one wants to say goodbye to sleep-ins and hello to homework, we’ve put together a few tips to help you and your kids get an A+ start to term one.

Pack Lunch the Night Before

If you’ve been doing the back-to-school routine for a few years now you should have this down-pat, but stocking up on lunchbox fillers and putting it together the night before dinner can be a lifesaver when you’re pressed for time in the mornings.

Even if it’s packing the non-perishable items in the evenings so you’re just making a sandwich before school, being able to focus on getting the kids out the door is a habit you’ll want to keep.

Create a Family Noticeboard

In the first few days of school, kids tend to bring home varying permission slips, newsletters and notices from school. Ensure that you don’t miss any return dates or events by posting them up on a central noticeboard - that way, the responsibility’s not all on you; and you can have a better idea of what’s coming up each week.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out to the Teacher

Starting a new year often means a new teacher, which can sometimes be overwhelming for younger kids. Don’t be afraid to send an email or introduce yourself at the school pick up, and learn a little bit about the teacher too.

These little insights on both ends can help your child feel comfortable in their new classroom, and set them up for a more engaging school year.

Keep the Mornings Tech Free

Summer holidays are all about iPads, videogames and watching TV - but it’s important to keep these things as a luxury, and not a given when you’re trying to get ready for school.

Often 5 minutes of TV can turn into a whole episode; and before you know it you’re rushing to drop the kids off before that first bell.

Save yourself the stress and keep the electronics as an after-school activity.