Muffin Flavours You Never Thought of Trying!


Thinking of getting your bake-on this weekend?

Get extra creative with these unique and interesting muffin flavours!  

Apple & Zucchini

Who knew you could add vegetables to fruity muffins?

This combination is the perfect way to sneak in some additional nutrients to your kids’ lunchboxes!  

In need of a healthy, kid-friendly muffin? Give this recipe a try!

Black Bean Brownie

Muffins without flour?? Yep, that’s correct!  

These brownie-inspired muffins are what you’re in need of if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to a decadent chocolate cake!

Anyone else experiencing a craving for chocolate now?

Almond Butter Chickpea

Black beans not your thing? No worries! Chickpeas can also work as a substitute for flour!

Baking with chickpeas and almond butter will take your muffins to a whole new level- adding creaminess to every bite you take!

Not convinced? Try them for yourself!

Chai Spiced Pumpkin

With pumpkin for sweetness and chai tea for a little spice, these muffins will be a hit at any family event you bring them to!

Chocolate & Beetroot

Nothing beets having a good excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, right?

Using beetroot not only adds natural sweetness and a beautiful colour- it also helps to create an incredibly moist texture!

What are you waiting for? Give this recipe a go!

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