No Stress Way To Save Money Around The House


It’s that time of year when the cost of living is at its highest. Our power bills go up because we’re trying to keep warm, and we’re less motivated to put in the extra effort required to save cash. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still save money around the house. This list of no-stress money-saving tips will get you through the winter.

1. Warm less water

Did you know that aside from your heating and cooling, the next biggest source of energy use in the house goes towards heating water? Fortunately, we don’t need to brave cold showers in order to save cash! Simply wash your clothes in cold water, and your washing machine will spend less than 10% of its usual energy usage.

2. Eat more

Do you have a lot of food going off in your fridge at the end of the week? Instead of buying things that you may eat or need, avoid wastage by only buying foods you know you’re going to use for a specific dish. Plan what you’re making for lunches and dinners, and keep a running shopping list on the fridge.

3. Pool your stuff

How many times have you had to buy bits and bobs for the house, only to throw them into the shed and never use them again? Sharing household tools and garden equipment with friends, family and neighbours can be a great way to save money. Try pooling all your equipment together so that it’s fair, and everyone will always have what they need.

4. Get rid of ghosts

Can you believe that as much as 15% of your power usage is guzzled up by appliances that aren’t even turned on? Anything that is left plugged in the wall, even if it’s off or on ‘standby,’ uses up ‘phantom power’. For the average Australian household spending about $1700 on power each year, unplugging appliances at the power point saves an average of $240 each year!

5. Keep clean

Cleaning products are some of the most expensive items on our grocery list, but did you know that there are cheap alternatives that do just as good a job as commercial products? Explore the grease cutting power of bicarb soda and vinegar on your stovetop and oven, and rest assured that their antibacterial and antifungal properties will kill germs in your bathroom and toilet. Lemon juice and eucalyptus are also germ-killing cleaners that leave your home with a lovely clean smell.

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