What to Consider When Opening a Restaurant


Thinking of making a career change? Love food? Perhaps opening a restaurant is the way to go! There are plenty of benefits to owning a restaurant, like always being able to enjoy a great meal, expressing your personality through the menu, and having a community of regular customers. But before you don your chef hat, there’s a few things you must take into account. Read on for our handy list of everything you need to consider when opening a restaurant.

Select a Strategic Location

Where you choose to locate your restaurant will determine the clientele you have. Choosing a high-traffic area will ensure you have a healthy amount of walk-in customers. If you want to be a casual dining restaurant, perhaps choose a shopping area.

Have a Signature Dish

Decide on one menu item that will set you apart from competitors. Your ‘hero’ dish, if executed well, will be how your restaurant is known to potential customers. Make it original, and make it delicious.

Consider a Theme

Will your restaurant have a specific cuisine that it specialises in? Perhaps you’ll be strictly burgers, or maybe Italian food. If not, that’s okay. But there is such a thing as too much choice. Menus with more than a handful of different cuisines often come across as a bit scrambled. It’s better to focus on one theme and do it well, than overcompensate.

Embrace Social Media

You won’t find many cafes or restaurants these days that don’t have a Facebook or Instagram. Social media is like an online shop window for your business, so getting it right is important. Instagram is a great way to showcase your most photogenic meals. And sites like Facebook and TripAdvisor allow customers to leave helpful reviews. You should also look to optimise your restaurant’s website so it appears in Google searches to consistently attract customers. Want to open a restaurant but not sure you’ve got the know-how? Contact The Groove Train to discuss partnership opportunities today!