Setting New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep


The first week of January is always met with a flood of #newyearnewme posts as we feel all optimistic about the year ahead. 

But by the end of the month, a lot of these goals have been abandoned. In fact, more than a third of all resolutions will fail by February 1st. Chances are, those high hopes you set for yourself a few weeks ago have been met with a few challenges since then. 

Before you say “oh well, better luck next year,”, here are some tips on setting and achieving your personal goals in 2019!

Pick Something Meaningful To You

One of the most common reasons our resolutions fail is when they’re set to meet someone else’s expectations. When you’re not personally invested in your resolution, why would you really care if you don’t end up keeping it?

Another aspect to this is when we pick resolutions in a moment of strong emotion - perhaps feeling like we’ve overindulged at Christmas, or getting inspired after reading a book.

While these can be powerful motivators at the time, they’re likely to wear off quickly and leave you back where you started.

Have a Plan

Alright, you know what you want to achieve in 2019. Amazing! The next step is working out how to get there (and planning for speed bumps along the way).

The New York Times recommends breaking your resolution into three parts - a cue (for example, boredom may be contributing to our Facebook addiction); a routine (the habit itself) and a reward (feeling connected and entertained).

From here, it’s a lot easier to identify why you’ve developed a bad habit and what changes you may need to make to fix it.

Have a bad day? The key is not to beat yourself up - focus on all the victories you’ve had, instead of a singular setback.

Get A Cheer Squad

Whether it’s just one or two friends, or your entire office - letting someone know you’ve set a goal is a great way to hold you accountable down the track.

Social media is also great for this purpose - just make sure you don’t go back and delete the post if you fall off the wagon!

You can always raise the stakes by placing a wager on your success - studies show we can be a lot more motivated when some of our hard earned cash is on the line!