5 Hacks to Amp Up Your Spring Cleaning


Now that September's rolled around, there's a few ways to make the most of your weekend. Cheer on your team at the footy finals, enjoy a day in the sunshine, or, if you're really feeling up to it, get stuck into some spring cleaning.

If you're keen for the latter, read on for our favourite spring cleaning hacks!

Set a timer

If you’ve only got limited time to complete the mammoth task of cleaning, set yourself a timer.Allowing a reasonable amount of time, like 15 minutes per task, will mean your day of cleaning is broken up into little chunks. 

With a deadline, you’re also more likely to use your time effectively.

Don’t throw out yesterday’s newspaper!

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, paper towel may not be your best friend.

Old newspapers cut through the oil on glass surfaces, whilst other wipes and towels simply move it around. 

Bundle up some newspaper and use a solution with alcohol in to get a streak-free shine on your windows. 

Wrap it Up!

After you’ve cleaned the shelves in your fridge, cover them in cling wrap. That way, next time there’s a nasty spill you can avoid having to wipe it down again. 

Baking Soda is Your Best Friend

A little bit of bicarb can go a long way! 

Cleaning the dishwasher? Chuck some bicarb along the rim and turn on a short, hot wash, then enjoy the sparkle!

Blocked drains? Some baking soda, vinegar and boiling water will clear them up in no time!

Pet Hair Be Gone!

If your furry friend loves to leave gifts on your bed or couch in the form of their fur, there’s no need to wash the covers.

Instead, grab a dishwashing glove and quickly rub it against the surface. This will create a static charge, causing the hairs to stick to the glove. Easy!

Worked yourself into starvation with these hacks? Visit your local Groove Train and treat yourself to a hard-earned meal!