Things to Do with Your Best Friend This Weekend


July 30th is World Friendship Day! Why not take that special friend out for a day of fun together to celebrate your friendship this weekend? Here are a few things you could do.

Have a home spa day

Invite your bestie over for a day of pampering. Think face masks, painting your nails and wearing your dressing gowns all afternoon while watching rom-coms.

Bring out your inner Masterchef

Test your cooking skills - and teamwork - by cooking a meal out of whatever you can find in your fridge, mystery box style. No cheating!

Visit a museum

If you and your friend share a love of learning, head to your local museum to get a new perspective on the world. Check out art, journey back into history - as long as you’re together!

Go to a trivia night

Nothing brings out your competitive spirit like a trivia night! Team up with your bestie or rope in some other friends to put your knowledge to the test.

Tour a winery

With so many incredible wine regions across Australia, it’s only right that you go out and visit one every now and then! Organise a way to get to and from the winery, drink responsibly, and sample some pinot together.

Volunteer together

A different kind of bonding experience, volunteering for an organisation in your community will bring smiles all round! Get in touch with community groups in your organisation to find someone who could use a few extra sets of hands, and spend an afternoon giving back.

Check out some local theatre

The talent of your local high school show or community theatre production is just begging to be seen! See what’s on near you and get along to support a show together with your bestie, then sing along to the soundtrack together on the car ride home.

Take them out for dinner

It’s an oldie but a goodie! Book in a dinner at your local Groove Train and spend the night enjoying good food and great company as you catch up on each other’s lives.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg - what will you and your best friend get up to together?