Top 6 Things from the 90s Making a Comeback


The last time The Lion King was in cinemas, it was 1994 and Prince’s The Most Beautiful Girl in the World was topping the Australian charts!

Fast forward to 2019, and many of the things we loved in the 90s are making a comeback. Enchanting a whole new generation, here are the top 6 things from the 90s that are returning!

Toy Story

Another Disney smash from the 90s, we were so excited to catch up with Woody and Buzz a whole 24 years after the first movie!

While we’re sad that Andy and the toys have gone their separate ways, it’s a cool sight to see a new generation of kids playing with their Woody and Buzz figurines.

The Spice Girls

One of THE most iconic groups of the 90s (if not all time), our minds went into meltdown when The Spice Girls announced their reunion tour last November.

While there’s no official word on an Australian leg just yet, we would definitely wannabe front and centre at that concert!


Once found across primary school playgrounds everywhere, the 90s scrunchie is making its return!

An added bonus of getting behind this trend - it’s a lot easier on your hair and can help to prevent breakage.

Clueless-style plaid sets

Clueless was one of the most iconic films of the 90s, mainly thanks to its unforgettable fashion. That’s why we were so excited to see Cher’s signature matching style returning to clothing stores in 2019.


Athleisure is coming full-circle with this return to comfy clothing. Matching tracksuits are a throwback to the sporty style of the 90s in a big way.


While we may not be trading Pokémon cards anymore, Pokémon GO was one of the biggest hit games of the last few years! With a new sleeping app in the works, it looks like this trend is back for good.

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