A Controversial List Of Australia’s Top 8 Delicacies


We’re an interesting bunch, us Australians - especially when it comes to our taste buds.

Our food combinations and creations are surprising, and if you’ve ever tried to describe an Australian delicacy out loud you’ll know they don’t sound the most appetizing.

There’s been a controversial debate about whether our creations are a surprisingly decent flavour combination, or we’re just clutching onto childhood nostalgia for these unique treats.

Today, we’re counting down our top 8 Australian culinary delights. Regardless of your stance on where Vegemite ranks, we can all agree that our food is an homage to our history and our unique culture.

1. Anzac Biscuits

ANZAC biscuits get an honorary mention as an Aussie classic. They’re not absolutely bursting with flavour, but they’re a reliable and yummy biscuit staple with an amazing history. The recipe was born from the need to send our ANZAC troops a treat using ingredients that wouldn’t spoil on a long trip: oats, sugar, flour, butter, and golden syrup.

2. Sunny-boys

A lesser-known icy treat, 2017 sadly saw the end of the Sunny-boy. Some parents or grandparents might be able to tell you tales of hot summer days and triangular shaped flavoured icy-poles that rivaled today’s Zooper Doopers.

3. Fairy Bread

It’s hard to explain the delight that spreads across an Aussie’s face when presented with a tray of 99 cent white bread, smeared with margarine and dunked in sprinkles. An absolute necessity for a kids birthday party, your 10th birthday would be nothing until mum took the cling wrap off the tray of fairy bread.

4. Tim Tam Slam

The rules are simple, the results are delicious. Nibble off opposite ends of your Tim Tam, dip into a hot tea and slurp away, using your Tim Tam as a straw until the insides of the Tim Tam are sufficiently melted. Proceed to put the entire half-melted Tim Tam in your mouth, savour it, and wash it down with another gulp of tea. Thank us later.

5. Sausage sangas

The 99 cent white bread makes another appearance, this time folded in half triangularly, and wedged with a barbecued Coles sausage, onions, and tomato sauce. It's an easy favourite, and majorly cost effective.

6. Meat Pies

Filled with a piping hot questionable meat filling, smothered in tomato sauce, best eaten on your lap at a footy game. The classic meat pie has to make it close to the top of the list.

7. Vegemite

Controversial opinion: anyone who dislikes Vegemite just hasn't been properly introduced to the spread. Vegemite requires a refined palette and is definitely an acquired taste for those who didn’t grow up on it.

2017 saw Vegemite return to Australian ownership, and the nation cheered. Enjoy it in a sandwich with cheese, or use it to spruce up your avo toast (trust us, it's good!)

8. Parmas

Okay, we stole this one from Italy, but it’s become a much-loved staple for pub dinners that is entirely deserving of the top spot.

A traditional chicken parma consists of breaded chicken breast, covered in Napoli sauce, an optional slice of ham, and then smothered in melted cheese. Mostly served with chips and salad, always hitting the spot for the hungry Aussie. Parmas are very close to our heart at The Groove Train.

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