What Food Favourite Would Your AFL Club be?


If your AFL club were a food, what would it be? We took data on wins & losses, fan demographics and more, and entered it all into our The Groove Train super-computer. And this is what came out.

The no frills footy club. Think eggs on toast.

Hailing from “fancy-town” SA, Adelaide footy club are as established as porterhouse steak.

Despite their three premierships in a row, Brisbane Lions still have a confusing identity. Nutella Calzone.

Previously working-class, now gentrified and arty, Fremantle Dockers are like a new take on fish n chips: salt & lemon pepper calamari.

Not something you’d usually think to order, but tasty nonetheless, Essendon are like arancini.

Carlton would have to be fettucini carbonara.

What you’d eat if you were trying to be fancy but were actually living in a nondescript Victorian town. Tiramisu.

Great Western Sydney are what you’d have to eat on your trip to Canberra. Butter Chicken.

Gold Coast
Exotic, rare and best enjoyed near a sandy beach, The Gold Coast Suns are like smoked salmon focaccia.

Hawthorn may be true champions, but they’ve been successful for so long we’ve forgotten all about them. The Parma.

Melbourne have always been la di da, and nothing has changed in 2018. Smashed avo on toast.

North Melbourne
Picture having a bite to eat while sipping mojitos at your local golf club: the club sandwich.

Port Adelaide
If Collingwood were a suburb in South Australia, it would be Port Adelaide. A late night souvlaki with chips please.

Richmond supports tend not to expect much from their team. But that isn’t to say they don’t pull through. Caesar salad.

St Kilda
This club might not have a huge appetite. Fresh fruit salad.

Whatever they’re not eating in Melbourne.

West Coast
Whatever they’re not eating in Fremantle.

Western Bulldogs
Loyal and proud, this club haven’t forgotten their working class roots. Moroccan lamb.

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