What Your Favourite Colour Says About You


Did you know that your favourite colour says a lot about your personality? Each colour has its own meaning. Learn what your favourite colour says about you. And read about your friends’ favourite colours too.


Do you love green? You’re most likely a loyal person. You usually tell the truth and speak frankly. People who like green can also be worried about their reputation. They care a lot about what other people think of them and they prefer to give a good impression.


Red is a colour that symbolises passion and intensity. So people who love red are definitely go-getters. They love adventure and can be extremely fun friends.


Are you a purple person? This means you’re unique. You love to help others and might enjoy doing volunteer work or giving to charities. People who like purple can sometimes be a little bit psychic.


People who love yellow can have a sunny and bubbly personality. At the same time, they can secretly be little bit shy. People who love yellow have strong imaginations. They’re always wondering, pondering, and thinking outside of the box.


Blue is sometimes linked with sadness or “the blues.” But people who like blue are calm and sensible. They prefer having a small group of close friends to having a wide group of acquaintances. If you like blue, you have a strong sense of what is fair and right. 


If you love brown, you appreciate the simple things in life. You probably think the best things in life are free. You’re not into being fancy or showing off. You’re down to earth, friendly, and get along with most people.


You’re sensitive, emotional and private. This doesn’t mean you’re shy, but you like to keep your cards close to your chest. If you love black, you don’t give away your secrets easily. Black also represents creative personalities who love art and music.


People who like white can be very organised. They hate mess and never leave their things lying around. People who like white can have a spotless bedroom or desk. They will also be very reliable friends.