Why Christmas in Australia Is The Best


While we don’t get the snowmen, the chestnuts on the open fire or the ugly Christmas jumpers (at least not without melting ourselves!), there is something pretty unique and special about a Christmas down under!

What other country has a Christmas carol all about reminding Santa to wear shorts when he’s dropping off gifts to Aussie kids (thanks, Hi-5!)? Where else can you have a barbeque on December 25th followed by a trip to the beach? Here are some of the things we love about having Christmas in summer here in Australia.

You Can Get A Little Dressed Up

No need to bundle up in jumpers and blankets, an Aussie Christmas is time to party! Wearing a summer dress in Christmas colours, or a cheeky short-sleeved collared shirt is the perfect way to celebrate the summer weather.

Fresh Fruits are a Staple

Sure, the classic cranberry sauce is great. But having a bowl of fresh cherries out on the table, or decking out your pavlova with gorgeous summer fruits is the kind of Christmas we can really get around.

Hi-5’s Annual Carols Appearance

The original members may have been subbed out a long time ago. But you’d be hard pressed to find an Australian who hasn’t gotten excited when they hear “Santa Claus is Coming” on the Carols by Candlelight broadcast!

Family Backyard Cricket Showdowns

You may not get excited about the Ashes or the Big Bash League, but you’re definitely an expert when it comes to backyard cricket. Even if you’re on the sidelines, heckling the family match is a lot more fun!

Leaving Out a Beer for Santa

While Santa certainly gets his calcium intake from all the milk left out for him elsewhere in the world, here in Australia he can come down to the chimney to a cold one!   

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