Our Story

    The Vibe & The Style

    Our eclectic history of forward thinking industry leaders, combined with a team of inspirational chefs and managers have created the distinctive vibe, style and food of The Groove Train.

    The Vibe

    Every game changer has a story. Our story has concocted the singular vibe and tone of The Groove Train. It starts on the streets of Melbourne in the summer of ’98. Rocky Veneziano saw a need being un-fulfilled in the Melbourne restaurant scene. He envisioned a restaurant that served flavourful, bold dishes that would appeal to any appetite. He saw a place where groups of friends came for the food, but lingered over drinks and conversation because everyone was having too much fun to leave. His ideas came to fruition and caught on like wildfire. The Groove Train spread across Melbourne, up to Brisbane and continues to expand into other areas. Today there are over 20 restaurants spreading The Groove Train vibe and the trend keeps growing.

    The Style

    The venue is urban and industrial, while incorporating a modern remix of retro design. We value style because it sets the scene for a relaxed and charmed dining experience. The atmosphere transforms as the sun crosses the sky. It changes from vibrant and light for breakfast to plush and reinvigorating for lunch. The vibe and style for dinner is versatile. Multifaceted layouts cater for an intimate dinner for two, a raucous meal for 15, and full function affairs. Careful combinations of funky lighting, polished design, comfortable seating and ample food choices create a style that is both energetic and chill.