The following terms and conditions apply to your Groove Club Card:

The Groove Train Club Card must be shown to staff prior to ordering at The Groove Train to receive available offers. Offers are not available if card is not shown prior to ordering.

The acceptance and use of a Club Card membership indicates an intention to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.

The Club Cards are issued free to approved applicants.

The Club Cards can only be activated and used by persons over 18 years of age.

Each Club Cardholder is required to have an individual email address and mobile number to register the card to. For example, a family cannot use the same email address 7 mobile number to register for other Groove Club cards.

The Club Card remains the property of The Groove Train.

In the event of a lost or stolen card it is the responsibility of the customer to report the card missing to The Groove Train restaurant.

In order to receive Members Exclusive offers, the cardholder will need to present their valid Groove Club card as part of the Groove Club program.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

Management reserves the right to refuse any Club Card applications and is under no obligation to give reasons for refusal.

The Groove Train reserves the right to postpone, cancel or alter a Club Card or any aspect of the Club Card scheme.

If the cardholder or any member of their parties act in a manner deemed to be inappropriate by Management towards staff, customers, persons, property or the reputation of The Groove Train or its patrons, Management reserve the right to revoke all Club Card privileges with immediate effect.

The customer may cancel their Club Card membership at any point by returning their card.

Removal from our mailing list can be requested at any time by emailing: [email protected].

Club Card benefits are not valid in conjunction with any other offer, coupon or discount voucher.

Only one Club Card may be used per person.

Management reserves the right to amend or change the above terms and conditions at any point, and upon issue of a new set of terms and conditions, will be deemed as acceptance of these new conditions.